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Courier Management Software

Download link : http://bit.ly/2AjSvPF

Specification of Courier Billing Software.
The Courier Billing Software is developed and maintained by Technosys Group. The Specifications of the
software is as below
1. Initial Heads
a. Customer Ledger: Here user can create new customer with their details (Code, Name,
Address, Mob, E-mail, Previous Due, Discount Percent). User can also edit a specific
customer and also delete the same (customer can only delete if its due is zero)
b. Zone Master: Here user can create separate zone with Zone Code, Zone Name, and Base
Rate etc.
c. Station Master: Here user can create station details ( Station code, Station name, Zone etc)
d. Consignment Type Creation: Here user can create consignment type
e. Rate Ledger: Here user can define rate for customers.
2. Transition Module
a. New CN Entry Module ( Here user can enter Details of CN purchased)
b. CN Enter Module: Here user can enter CN details (Customer Code, CN Date, CN Number,
Zone, Destination, Weight, Amount
c. Invoice Generation Module :
i. User can generate invoice between selected dates.
ii. User can generate invoice between selected CN Nos.
iii. User can export every invoice is pdf format.
d. Cash CN entry Module ( Here user can enter cash CN Nos. and total amount collected in a
3. Report Module
a. CN Summery: User can generate summery of Invoice which needed for GST purpose

b. Customer Wise Booking ( Booking history of a selected customer between selected dates)
c. Date wise booking Report (Booking history between selected dates)
d. CN wise booking report ( here user can view Booking history of Selected CN )
e. Print Old Bill &amp; Delete Bill Module (Here user can view previous bill and also can delete to
modify it Bill)
f. Customer Vs Station Booking (Booking history of a selected customer between selected
dates for selected destination)
g. Customer Vs Weight Slab (Booking history of a selected customer between selected dates
for selected weight slab)
h. Customer Vs Credit Amount (Due list of Customers up to selected date)
i. Bill Wise Report ( Bill Details issued between selected dates)
j. Customer Ledger ( Details ledger of a selected customer)
k. List of Unused CN
l. List of Unbilled CN between selected dates
m. RTO (Return to Origin) list between selected dates.
n. Monthly Booking Summery ( here user can view summery of booking in terms of amount)
o. Delete bunch CN (From CN No -- -- To CN No)
4. Tools Menu
a. Back up / Restore ( Here user can take backup of the database and can also restore it is

The software will be protected with a Password system. User can change the password if required. We
provide one year assistance on the developed modules (from Date of Final registration). After that a
negotiable charge will be charged for assistance. For any further Alteration, Addition of Modules
amount will

be charged as required.